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Sales Honey completely automates prospecting & outreach to deliver warm leads directly to your inbox

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Why Sales Honey?

Why 1

Sales teams spend only about 33% of their time on actual selling and closing deals. The stuff that matters.

Why 2

The other 67% is spent on prospecting & initial outreach. It's time consuming and frustrating.

Why 3

Sales Honey completely automates prospecting & outreach so you can focus on closing warm leads.

How Sales Honey Works

How 1

Targeted lead generation and qualification

Build hyper-targeted list of prospects from our database of 300M decision makers at 20M companies. Segment by detailed firmographics and technographics.

How 2

Personalized email outreach cadence

Sales Honey crafts email templates that will convert and adhere to your brand's voice. We execute the outreach with prospects once you approve.

How 3

Interested warm leads, straight to your inbox

We pass on positive response leads to you. Your sales team can focus on conversations with pre-qualified leads with a 10x higher conversion rate.

Most Comprehensive & Accurate Business Data

Using machine learning algorithms and over 150 data sources, Sales Honey has the freshest business intelligence data set in the industry. It's our secret sauce in helping customers grow their businesses, at scale.


Decision Makers



Over 200 data points including:

Data points

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